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Chris Cato

I spent many of those football games with you. I left the school because you both graduated. Never under estimate the impact on your younger player. I never would have made it through a game without both of you. Many good times cruising Anniston prior to games. I always looked up to both of you. The tearaway jerseys you and I had made. The calls we changed and Grubbs ass chewed me. Mentone and the bandanas. Solid friends and mentors and I’ve never forgotten. Disappointed we drifted although Jim worked with mecforva short while. And it was so nice. But may Hawg rest in peace. And thank you both for taking me in unconditionally. Guardians.


Joy Patty

Brent, a wonderful tribute to your best friend. I didn't know him but his father and I were in same class at White Plains until he transferred. His father is a great person too!


Brent, love you cousin!! I am so sorry about Jim! He always treated me kinkly. Never an ugly word. I remember he also liked to play cards at our table in homeroom. He will surely be missed. I know I will miss him.

Lesley Hamer

Sweet tribute Brent. You were blessed to have had such a wonderful friend to experience life with. You are a rich man indeed...

Mary Beth Walker

Hawg was one of my favorite young me in my daughters group. He was always so polite to us adults. I know you will miss him but be thankful for the time you had with hm. Love and sincere condolences.

Mark Staples

Thanks for the memories of Jim. He will be missed!

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