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I am glad you will be back in January. I have now finished the course, and am grateful for the recorded you, but still feel our class was gypped.....Thank you for taking the time to try to help us on fb as we muddled through without the live you.

Javier Silva

I loved having you as a professor and I often times imitate your voice when talking about trends or stats to my colleagues...I was asked why I did that and always reply that I am imitating my college professor Brent!!! Most people can hardly believe you work for NASA...thx for all your stories....PS get syndicated so they won't get your stuff for free!!!


I think I would ask the university to remove the lectures if they don't intend to pay you for them. This kind of thing happens when you are an original, you know! During the 2012 election cycle, I made a ton of humorous political e-cards, memes, and other art which got stolen by this "company" called Right Wing Art. They slapped their label on the art I created and thought nothing of it. These images generated hundreds of thousands of clicks, tweets, and pins on Pinterest, and I made zero zilch from it. One card I created had 1 million downloads on their website. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and they subsequently had to begin using a copyright disclaimer and are no longer allowed to scour the Internet for people's original art (but they still do it anyway!) but the damage was done. The same thing happened when I created all of those Auburn and Alabama ornaments for Christmas trees. My photobucket account got hacked and all of these images began showing up on Pinterest, pinned by people I didn't know from Adam. Nothing is safe on the Internet. Your lectures are probably showing up all over the place, generating clicks that could and should be compensating you if copyright laws functioned effectively in this digital world. As they say, it's better to be copied than to be a copycat, and some people genuinely mean no harm when they copy, but it still stinks to have your stuff used without permission.

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