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"Out of the mouths of babes..."

Avalanche! Thank you. I was trying to remember the name of that game just two days before you posted this story.

I got Avalanche for my birthday in 1967. While it may have been designed to teach logic and mechanics, my takeaway was vocabulary. My mom told me as she helped me set the game up the first time that the wooden stick used to prop the game board up at an angle was called a "dowel."

"A doll?"

"No, dowel."

"Dowel. Dowel. Thanks!"

I loved learning new words.

I still think of Avalanche whenever I hear the word "dowel." (But, oddly, not when I hear the word "avalanche.") I even remembered it when I first heard of the actor Roddy McDowall.

Last week I spent an afternoon at my local hospital getting a CT scan. I've been there several times over the years. Radiology is in an older part of the complex and its floor linoleum has a faded green and yellow-ish orange checkerboard pattern that always reminds me of those cardboard Avalanche game cards. Of course I could never quite come up with the actual name of the game, yet every time I've visited Radiology, just seeing that floor has evoked memories of childhood fun and learning new words. This helps takes the edge off my visits, which are not fun and where I learn new words like "fibroid tumor," "diverticulitis," and "thyroid disease."

BN Heard

Thanks for the comment and hopefully your health is improving! I still remember the plastic smell of the Avalanche game (and thankfully not the first one Cousin Cliff gave me).


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