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Kelley Spettel

What a great story!! Jodi, the "lady" who sold you the teapot and myself (Kelley), own that little eBay consignment store (All the Bells & Whistles). We are so touched to have helped you. If/When you get that picture with Ms. Fannie Lou, please post it. Would love to see it. I was wondering if we could tell this story in our little town newspaper, the "Pioneer Tribune". Winters are long and cold, this story sends such a warm message, people here would love it! I won't go further without your permission. Thank you for making my year!

Julie Barr

This is so cool! Manistique is my hometown, to which I returned, just last year, as a new bride of my high school sweetheart, 30 plus years after we graduated from high school and went our separate ways. The magic of Manistique, and the miracle of technology is something we share in both our stories! It just so happens I am Lin the market for a teapot, didn't know about the eBay consignment ladies, living in my "own back yard". Thank you for sharing this lovely gem of a story!

BN Heard

Kelley, you are correct! I was so excited to get the teapot. I tracked it through the USPS tracking system and updated friends as it found its way to Virginia. I will for sure post a picture. Hopefully I will get down in the spring or summer. I would love for the paper to run the story, as a matter of fact I have already offered it to them (for a fee of 3 copies - I work cheap), but they didn't respond to me. I would love for it to be in your paper... My main goals are - to make people smile and realize there is a lot of good things in this world. Now, here is my request... I want to be an honorary citizen and I'm serious. I have seen the beautiful sites and places in town and I want to come! Best, BN

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