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ive sat in front of that guy too

BN Heard

Yes Adam, he gets around. He may very well be the same fellow who hit a referee with a folding metal chair at a high school game in Hackleburg, Alabama in 2009. Search it on YouTube. He knows his football (and possibly his folding metal chairs).

Steve Henrickson

BN, this Veterans Day weekend we were also traveling. I drove by The Big Peach twice in two days. The first time was after picking up my son at Georgia Tech to go see my other son & his Milligan College buddies play basketball against a club team at Wake Forest. Since I had just driven fourteen different streets named Peachtree to & from an event in Atlanta, it struck me while viewing The Big Peach at 70 MPH that we were actually in South Carolina, not Georgia. Did you know the Peach State is actually 3rd or 4th in peach production? California & South Carolina rank higher (http://www.swampfox.ws/south-carolina-ranks-second-only-to-california-in-peach-production), but surprisingly NJ & PA are high on the list. Maybe that's why they let that Jersey guy paint The Big Peach. Besides competing in the peach market, South Carolina also had less expensive gasoline than Georgia. Since we live in Jacksonville, FL, on road trips we always buy gas in Georgia due to lower gas taxes. By the way, my alma mater also lost a big game, but the radio announcers said the fans booed because A&M-UA highlights were not shown on the huge video screen at one point. Stay alert & drive safely in case that Early Times guy is on the road!

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