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Cathy Brown

Hey, I loved this post. I am sure there is a correlation there. I am sure if we did a survey of 50 dog owners on fat and fun we could do a scatter plot with our results. Realizing that this would just be a sample statistic since the population is all dog owners. I love statistics. I could just visualize you and your dog. We have a cute Boston Terrier female whose name is Molly. We call her the sock queen because if there is a sock around then Molly has found it and has brought it to her stash. She is so funny because she will look at our feet and evaluate when she can get those socks too.
Cathy Brown
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Pbd 44

My doctor recently wrote me a prescription to walk my dog daily.

Anne Galeucia

Loved this post! I have two miniature poodles myself and one has the lovely "4" score while the other one is more along the lines of a 7 to 8.They eat the same amount of food! Oh well I love every pound of them both as you said of your big dog =)

Canine Cataracts

Due to her age and arthritis, Dr. Kate suggested not adding rice or potatoes to help keep her weight down.


The veterinarian seemed to think that they were caused from trauma to the face. It makes you mad. They also found out that he is 8 years old.

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