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Robin Thompson

Hi there...I have read many of your stories since I learned about your website the first day of our class. I have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Many have made me laugh out loud, like the one about shea butter and eating silica gel. There are others that have touched a place in my heart like What Does Work Smell Like, Mother's Day and Jaden and The Little Blue Pill. Your daughter must be a wonderful and compassionate young woman. This story Happy Birthday from Daddy, well this one made me cry. It’s all good. I would say after reading your words that you’re Mama and Daddy had a wonderful and very loving marriage. My Mama and Daddy (yes, that is what I have always called them) have both moved on from this life and are together again, well and happy. I believe this with all my heart. Your story, the beautiful love letter from your Daddy to your Mama for her birthday brought to mind very sweetly some great memories. My parents had a very loving marriage, were best friends and had fun, though they faced challenges at times brought about by hardships as we all do, they made it work because that’s what you do. They were a wonderful example for me for my own marriage. This is another reason your story brought tears. In June 2011, I nearly lost my husband of 35 years from serious medical complications following heart surgery. That was a very difficult time to say the least, but thanks to God and the skill he gave the doctors and nurses my husband is doing well now. This story reminded me that we can’t take all the precious little things for granted. It’s so easy to do after sharing your life with a person for so many years. So, thank you so much for reminding me that even though that special chair may look empty, if you look closely enough with your heart it’s not empty at all :-)

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