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Janice Brock Minchin

I grew up there so it's my favorite town, too.

Christina Austin-Taylor

Vernon is my hometown.My parents and I lived in that old yellow duplex just up the road from the elementry school then we moved to the old Parish house.My mom and daddy was on the fire dept.and Dad was on the city counsel a few times.I went to school there kindergarden through the 12 grade,and I'm not ashamed to say it either.I am of the Austin family all of the Austin brothers and sisters grew up there and all but 2 died there.The Vernon in my mind is andwill always be home to me,but when I drive down main street it breaks my heart,its all gone all I have of Vernon now are my memories and a few pictures.Its very sad to go there now the Vernon now is no longer home to me or my family.We have started over again in a little town in northern Alabama called Hanceville.It has some of the little town charm Vernon used to have before it was plowed down.It just makes me so sad.I miss the Vernon in my memories and pictures.

samuel owens

Lived in Vernon also moved away joined the navy in 07 i dont even drive through anymore they destroyed all our memories there when they made room for the highway man do I miss it

Rhonda Dalton Dickinson

Returned to my hometown of Vernon after being away for 35 yrs, True, it has changed in many ways but is still a wonderful place to live "far from the madding crowd." The creek's still cold & clear, traffic's slow, & it's full of caring, friendly people. Shh! Don't tell anybody, tho. They might want to come live here, too.

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