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Brent, loved this!!! A good read. What else could a Guy need--- a wife, 3 children, dogs who love Lane Cake and Greenland, big and white. Keep looking for the flag!!!

Bob Northrup

Brent, your posts are awesome. My wife had you for a statistics professor last semester, I just enjoyed listening to the lectures. Your blogs would be even better, if you could record them. I usually just read them out loud in my best Forest Gump voice, but it is not the same. You would be a great retro Paul Harvey with these stories. I know you are brilliantly smart, and that is what makes it so interesting. By the way, I am flying into Birmingham in April for my first Talladegha (sp) experience. Seattle is a long ways from Alabama, I am looking forward to the experience. I may have been from the south in a former life. Bob from Lacey, WA

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