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I thank you for writing this. It means a great deal to me to be honest to you. Indeed, these are special people -- more than you probably know. It is indeed nice to hear of your kindness and to hear how you were blessed by seeing this scene at lunch yesterday. I thank you because -- you see -- the young girl with the tattoo on her arm? I know how quite well. I am she, in fact. Oh, I must add. One of those 8 people told me later after he saw your random act of kindness, "It's good to know there are still kind people in the world." You see -- they may have blessed you that day. But, you, sir, blessed us. I thank you.

Danielle Paris

I am a nurse who works at Rainbow Omega. Thank you so much for this article. These residents at Rainbow Omega are extremely "special" to all who work there, in more ways than you imagine. Your article touched me and was an incredible blessing. I am thankful to have the job I have and work with residents who make it more of a home away from home than a job. Bless you sir.


I am the Aunt of one of those precious residents at Rainbow Omega. They are indeed very special "kids" and they teach us more about life than we could ever begin to teach them! Thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit that day. So many folks just look the other way as if they aren't there. I pray your Mom is recovered from her hospital stay. God Bless You and Yours!!!


I appreciate your comments and your good heart. After having 4 children of our own, we took in two more who were in unfortunate circumstances and "special." They are extremely special to us, and one is at Rainbow Omega now. Thank you for recognizing the good they do and writing to share the message.

Deborah Parker

We know someone who lives at Rainbow Omega. He is as happy as he can be. It is a wonderful, caring, well run facility. God truly blessed you that Sunday. I can understand why you were emotional. If you had not been touched by those sweet pepople, there would be something wrong with you. Thank you for sharing this story and for buying the newspaper.

Blessings to you,
Deborah Parker

shela wales

that was so sweet, and yes the residents there are awesome. one of them is my daughter-in-law's brother. he has brought so much joy to my life since he came into my life. i just can't begin to tell you what it means to love and be loved by a ' special ' person like this. thank you for writing this.

Becky Belyeu

What a blessing. Thanks for posting.


My "little" brother is also at Rainbow Omega, in a house with seven other people who only see him as Jared, not for his autism. I'm thankful you experienced the beauty that is Rainbow Omega, but I'm more thankful for people like you who recognize how truly special they are and can share a moment with someone despite her disability.


Thank you, Brent. I also work at Rainbow Omega, it is a blessing - when you are in town, come out and visit! Call the office (256-831-0919) and we'll arrange a tour - lunch, too! The residents love to have visitors. To Caley, the group he witnessed was Jared's house ;) BTW, Brent, your mother was my 5th grade history teacher! I will be praying for her recovery!

carol vice

Love this story thank you so much

rudy abbott

Great story about a wonderful and caring group (Rainbow Omega). Rudy Abbott

Auntie Janie

Great story, thank you. I have a best friend who has a 39 year old son in a group home here in Dothan. She has been a devoted mother and this group home has been a blessing for her son. We are gratful for places like Rainbow Omega and the kind understanding workers.

Pat Thomas

We have a beautiful daughter, Penny, who lives in a wonderful group home She works at the Ribbon Center at The McKemy Center. Penny runs a printing machine for ribbons, invitations, napkins...and she does a wonderful job. We are very proud of our wonderful daughter.
Thank you for your story. It means a great deal to more people than you can possibly imagine. As you learned..our people are beautiful inside and outside. They might step to a different drummer..but He is a very good drummer. Par rum pa pum pum.
Pat and JC Thomas

BN Heard

I was so blessed on this day. The folks at Rainbow Omega have invited me to come by the next time I'm in town. I can't wait. My best to you all. BN

Toni & Johnny

This is a wonderful testimony! "Special" and pure! My son is...and he touches my heart every day! Thank you for your article and I thank Rainbow Omega for their service, love & devotion!

children with disabilities

At least there are organizations that provide support for these people in need. It's about providing care and attention.

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