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Lisa Miller

OH MY GOD I ALSO LOVE HOPE FLOATS!! That movie makes me cry every time!! Birdie wins hands down


At one time I could say every line in movie. On vacation in Maine one summer I played it every nite before bed and in bed. No cable and I didn't miss it at all! Yea for the movies of southern towns and strong women. Seeing Mae Whirman in various rolls as she has grown older has been fun, too. There's no doubt Sandra B is a class act in or out of Hollywood.


I absoultely lov this movie. It ranks in the top 10 of my favorites and yes, I cry each time I see it, to. LOL


i thought hope floats was a great movie. i can watch it over and over again.

James Edwards

I am a big Sandra Bullock fan , have all her movies , even Fire on the Amazon (B movie). Hope Floats is my favorite with Lake House 2nd. I have Hope Floats on dvd & vhs, even have sound track on cassette and cd.


IS nice to know I am not the only one who loves Hope Floats. It saddens me that so many have not taken the opportunity to indulge in the quiet strength of Birdie Pruitt. Just a thought - You might want to put her up against Sally Fields character in Steel Magnolias:)

Terri McCain

Hope Floats is a wonderful way to spend a night at home when your in need of a boost to your hopes of ever finding the someone who will always be there and loves you in spite of yourself.

The winner and still champion .. Birdie!


My Cup Runneth Over -- and I'm mush. And I hate it that they cut out the daddy scenes when they run Hope Floats on TV! That's some of the best footage. My sisters and I (who all live in different states) continually quote this movie to each other during phone conversations -- after all, it must be difficult carrying all that hair around (HA!). Birdie may be "cat food," but she's definitely a winner in my book!


This is my favorite Movie !! does anyone know where to get a copy????/ LISA


Hope Floats is one of my watch over and over again movies. I never tire of it.

Debra Miner

I Love all the actors in this movie. It is great!!!


Hope Floats is my very favorite movie.Keep watching it over and over and never get tired of it. Also a big fan of Harry Connick Jr.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

My all time fave movie... I even have the famous 'hope floats' quote on my blog for always and forever.. cry every time i see it...and the man that plays her Dad... he looks just like my grandpa! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


"Dancing is just a conversation...Talk to me!" I melt every time!!!


I LOVE this movie and watch it when I hit that "just right" mood! I'm sure I've seen 50 times or more1My fav' scenes are #1: when the dad leaves and makes daughter cry her eyes out, exposing his true self. And #2: When Birdy is faced with the divorce papers after her mother dies: "Check!" and "Check, Check!" is awesome! Sandra is an amazing actress! I admire that "Down-Home" strength! Thimk I have a lil' bit of it! My Mother would agree I have WAY MORE!!! LOL!!!


This is my all time fav movie its a feel good type of movie makes u cry and laugh and harry connick jr well need I say more. Sandra is my favorite loved Blind Side to she is just the all american girl whos been screwd over and still bounces bac way to go Sandra


Hope Floats is #1 on my Top 10! I can quote EVERY line! Even though I have it on DVD and VHS, I still watch it every time it is on TV. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

Brenda Smith

Hope Floats is the best movie. Sandra did a GREAT JOB.When I watch it its 3 or 4 times in one night.

amy dudrey

Hope floats is by far my favorite movie ever, I have seen it 20 times and still cant get through without tears, Its my stand by tear time movie. I love when shes dancing with her daddy in the nursing home.


I was a Birdie once and HOPE FLOATS.

Tammy H.

By far the coolest movie is "Hope Floats"....but bring along the tissue...I saw it right after my divorce in 2000 and the tears did flow....wanted to give Bernice a real spanking as she did nothing to help her mom recover from a bad heartbreaking mess....a real nightmare...
Loved Harry Connick, Jr. in this movie...a real hottie...also bought the great soundtrack!


"My cup runneth over." Love this Movie!!!


Hope Floats in one of my all time favorites as is the CD from the movie. My son and his wife danced their first dance to a song from the movie at their wedding. Another couple chose a different song from that movie for their wedding song.
I NEVER tire of re-watching this movie.


Hope Floats is my favorite all time movie. I don't even know how many times I have watched it. It makes me laugh and cry every single time. I love Sandra Bullock in anything she does, and who doesn't love Harry Connick, Jr.?

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