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Dennis King

Ken is a HOF'er in my book also. i have known him since he was in high school with my brother. Nice guy indeed. Foley Alabama has produced some very good ones.

Tony in Alaska

Very cool story. I'm not a 'ROLL TIDE' fan (I'm a USC TROJAN fan....I'm sure Alabama will never forget the first time they played against USC), but I'm definitely a Stabler and Raider fan. Even though I'm from Los Angeles, I've been a Raider fan all my life. I remember as a kid watching the great Raider teams of the 70's being lead by the SNAKE! I have two Raider jerseys: #32 (Jack Tatum) and #12 (Kenny Stabler). Kenny Stabler has ALWAYS been one of my favorite players. To this day, I'm still stuck in the 70's with Ghost to the Post and the Holy Roller. Stabler was and IS one of the best. Of course we RAIDERS get the short end of the stick when it comes to the Hall of Fame....it's because we're RAIDERS. I guess it comes with the territory of being so dominant for so long. Thanks for the story. It was wonderful.

Bryan Read

Everytime I drive thru Foley, Alabama I hope to catch a glimpse of the Snake. Kenny should be in the Hall of Fame; he was on the field for so many of the classic games in NFL history. I do miss his keen commentary on the Bama radio network.
Congrats on you guys big catch and thinks for giving us some insight to Mr Stablers big heart.
Keep up the good work.

Andrew in Santa Cruz

One of the earliest records of my handwriting is from 1977, when I was 10. After a Raiders game had ended I was so excited I wrote down how Kenny Stabler had led the team to score a couple of touchdowns in the final minutes to come back and win. The Snake still has a place in my heart! Good to hear that he treats fans well.

Dee Coleman

The Raiders of the 70's are my favorite team of all time. "Stabler to Branch....Touchdown!" That was music to my ears, and I was there! I was 10. We had real heros back then. Kenny Stabler, you will always be my hero!!!

OMG, as a born and bred Oakland Raider fan, I of course, LOVE hearing this. But, I have known Kenny to be one of the good ones.

Great story - thanks for sharing!


Latonya Eaton Morgan

A man that reflects humility in the most high to the fans who make it all possible and worth it. Most celebrities forget where they came from. "Roll Tide" Mobile, AL

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