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Dangerous Leigh A'zon

We are so glad you had a good time with us and hope to see you soon. Momma Mean is the best guide you could have had.

That Sugar Kill Gang jammer you mentioned (the one with all of the points) is straight up one of the top jammers in the nation -- DeRanged. She is the star of our A-Squad, the 5280 Fight Club.

The Fillmore, unfortunately, sells out at 2,000. The fans just sound like there are 4,000.

And my number? Nope, it is not my phone number. It is a calculator gag. 5072145. My last name is "Shields." Put my number in a calculator and flip it upside down. (Mom A'zon has mixed feelings about derby, btw.)

Dangerous Leigh A'zon

Typo in my number. 5073145, not 2145.

BN Heard

Dangerous Leigh A'Zon,

Please forgive the typos and embellishment, I was beside myself. I love you all. I am NOT kidding when I said I had the time of my life. I would pay ten times the amount of admission to get to do it again. Please share with Deana and all the girls. Tell the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls to link to me, anything they want to do to help your cause. Also, the next time you see Cap'n Crunch, tell her she's the best.

I will always cherish that night. All of the people were the greatest, and I mean that! Thank you so much for what you do.

BN Heard

Dangerous Leigh A'zon

Ha! I have already shared with the team. You are getting passed around Facebook even now. We are loving the blog and I am sure Momma Mean will see it, too.

You didn't typo my number, by the way. I did.

Derby love,


BN Heard

Momma Mean was a sweetheart. I lost her email address and I felt so bad. I was having a rough time of it until that night. She treated me like her own. Please see that she sees this. She was so kind and hospitable, as were all the girls, fans, etc.

I have the poster in my office from the bout and got some other cool stuff. I noticed that Cap'n Crunch was on the front page of the RMR site. I want her to see this also. She was a doll.


BN Heard

I just saw the "Derby Love", that's something I just couldn't get enough of!


Wave Dreher

Professor Heard,

One of your Rocky Mountain Rollergirls is featured on "Made" tonight on CMT. Below is a recap I found on the CMT website. Thought you might enjoy the show.

Leann Simmons is new to being a stay-at-home single mom. After a recent divorce, Leann went from having a job and a husband to spending all of her time cooking, cleaning, and caring for her three young daughters. Adjusting to her new lifestyle has not been easy. Leann wants to alleviate her frustration, regain her confidence, and get her life rolling again by being MADE into a rough and tough roller derby girl! With powerhouse skater Lucky 7 of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls as her coach, Leann will learn to pick herself up, both on the track and in her everyday life.

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