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Janet Beaman

It sounds like the world lost a wonderful caring individual as well as his partner. Thank you for sharing this. And yes, it would be wonderful to have more time.

Judith Beck

This story and Casey and Draco lift you up in hope for a better day and break your heart for the loss of both!


I don't think that I will ever stop crying every time I see a picture of Casey and Draco. They were two wonderful beings that noone could ever possibly have hate towards. They both will be missed emensily. This is truly one if the most wonderful and heartfelt stories I have read since their passing.


Draco wasn't a German Shepard


Really dude? You read this whole blog and the only thing you could pull from it that the breed of the dog was incorrect? Who cares if the dog was a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois or Chihuahua for that matter? What matters is that a good man and his faithful dog were taken too soon, and the community is mourning.

firefighter 21

No John he wasn't a Shepard he was a Malligator. I remember the first time I met Draco. I was visiting Casey to help with a heating problem. He very clearly told me not to get out of the car until he had Draco locked up as I would likely loose some piece of my body. To this day I do not know whether he was serious or not. He said it with that sly smile of his. Draco also had a smile on. His smile showed more teeth but was pretty much the same as Casey's, hard to read. Not being one to take chances I erred on the side of caution and waited until Draco was in his pen. After that time I got to know Casey better but Draco always looked at me in a challenging sort of way. As though he were daring me. Those 2 souls will be missed greatly and yes I believe some animals have a soul. If you look into their eyes you can see it, at least once you can focus beyond the teeth.

BN Heard

This is interesting, please know that I would not purposely miss the breed of Casey's dog, Draco. I meant this as my "Sympathy Card" to Casey's family and friends.

Although, I love dogs and have had dogs all my life, I cannot tell the difference between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Shepherd (Malinois). Reading, I found that a "Maligator" is a term some military and law enforcement folks call the Malinois for obvious reasons (His relentless Jaws/Bite).

I believe you for sure and will change this as soon as I get a chance.

Please understand that I wrote this not as a professional journalist (I'm a math professor), just a tribute. That being said, I absolutely want to get the breed right.

Thank you,
BN Heard

BN Heard

I changed it, thank you again.

Keri Jo Schmidt

Thanks so much for the beautiful words written for my son, Casey. I still look for stories and am trying to heal from losing such a major part of my life. I'm amazed, but not surprised, at all the people he has touched in his 29 years. Draco was also such a big part of our family. He meant the world to Casey and it was only right to lay them together in eternity. I am so blessed that god chose me to be his mother. And we were all blessed to have Casey in our lives. Big or small, those are the memories we will cherish forever. We always ended our visits, calls, and texts with "I love you". We both knew it could've been the last words we said to each other at any time. And it was. So remember and learn from Casey. Live your life to the fullest. And love like it's your last day on earth.

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