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Jim Pivarnik

Great story, one small comment. Milan beat Muncie Central for the State title in 1954, not a school from Indianapolis. Also, they went to the finals the previous year, so in a way, their winning was not a fluke. But oh so memorable. thanks


Took care of the Muncie, Jim. Thanks so much! BN

David Scalf

It wasnt hurt on Jimmy Chitwoods face or frustration on the other players. It was hesitation to contradict the coach who under normal circumstances would have never listened to such. They all knew who needed to take the shot and it was too important to all of them to let the normal rules apply. It wasnt a matter of who would be the hero it was the portrayal of a team where all the players would win no matter who took the shot. One of the greatest feelings in life is when a team comes together to win a big game. It happened to me during my senior year of high school in my last high school football game. Not a state championship but a memory that I remember almost 40 years later just like it was yesterday.

BN Heard

Thanks for the insight David.

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