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Best movie in history. A few weeks ago I went with a group from our church to a wave pool. There were a few lifeguards around the pool. One in particular had "Wendy" qualities. I started calling her Wendy Peppercorn and quoting Squints..."I've been coming here every summer of my adult life...and I can't take it anymore!" Only a couple of people "got it."


I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but, it's Wendy Peffercorn. Fix this and you will have a fantastic blog here!!

BN Heard


Don't be sorry! I appreciate being corrected. You even added to the story for me. Sometimes a rocket scientist "can't figure it out."

Thanks again and my best!

BN Heard


My kids and I watch that movie 2 0r 3 times a year. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


So, BN Heard, are you saying you are a rocket scientist?? COOL.....


WOW...I just realized how much you look like the new kid in Sandlot. The one who loses his baseball. You look like the adult version. LOL That's cool. I absolutely LOVE this movie!!

BN Heard

Technically I'm a mathematician in the aerospace world. Do I work on "space stuff" - absolutely. My stories here take me away from it and let me have a little fun. It's not that I don't enjoy it - this is just kind of like playing golf for me.

I will be honest; I didn’t think the second Sandlot movie was very good. Sequels are just never the same. I need to see who it is I look like.

My Best,


Oiling and lotioning.......I love this movie!!!!!

Ally Jester

I stumbled upon your blog after my husband did a tribute to Wendy Peffercorn photo shoot. I thought you'd get a tickle out of the photos and had to share!

(There's more to edit-- so check back!)

Cool dude 57

Umm they had 8 kids btw


Sry guys i made a mistake they had 8 kids not nine

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